We are living in personally and collectively
challenging times.

People all over the world are feeling called
to live their lives in greater alignment with
their heart and higher calling.

Do you have a sense that there is a greater possibility for your life or work?

Are you feeling isolated or experiencing emotional upheaval?

Do you know that doing your own personal healing is the path to empowerment and change AND know you cannot do that on your own?

Everything occurring in life is connected to deep subtle energies from our personal, ancestral and cultural past.

Together we can presence, embody these energies, healing the under-lying cause of the issues and feelings occurring in your life.

This will naturally create more clarity, vitality, creativity and flow to help you manifest a future in the highest alignment with your essential self.

Having a skilled ally can help you IGNITE your EXPLORATION and open up the gateway to HEALING AND YOUR GREATEST POTENTIAL.

A message from Brielle

“We have the opportunity now, given the problems we face in this world, to live the most meaningful lives any generation of humankind has ever lived. And that’s not a burden. That’s a huge, huge privilege.”

- Lynn Twist

Your commitment can result in your unique capacities being revealed, your relationships and experience of life improving tremendously, and you will know you are on YOUR PATH.

If you feel ready I invite you to book a Discovery Session.
I know first-hand the challenges and vulnerability we encounter on our journey of personal growth. I believe strongly our work together can make a difference.

Individual Support

I feel blessed to be working with an international clientele both online and in person at my office in Nelson BC, Canada.

I have designed a few options in setting up the right plan for you.

Workshops & Training

Something very powerful occurs when people come together with a common intention. Our processes are magically interwoven and each person’s contribution benefits the entire group.

About Brielle

Brielle utilizes her deep sensitivity and professional capacity developed over decades of training and practice to guide you on this courageous, inward voyage.

Karen Kelly Body Talk & CEC Practitioner

Each session with Brielle has been life changing and has subsequently created momentum to move forward in areas I had not imagined possible. One of the most gifted practitioners I have ever encountered. So deeply grateful for her work.

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