About Brielle

Grounding in your body and connecting to your innate intelligence is a natural state and allows you to express your true intentions in the world.

If this isn’t happening then something in you is preventing access to your deeper self.

Through developing an awareness of your inner landscape, you can heal what lies at the root of all your, “problems.” Old personal and inter-generational stories are often so strong and invisible that it takes an ally to help dismantle them. Otherwise, it can feel like your challenges are happening to you and not because of you.

Using her deep sensitivity and professional capacity developed over decades of training and practice Brielle guides you on this courageous, inward voyage. Having walked through many of her own inner, invisible barriers she can assist you with yours. To work on this level everyone needs support. Helping you transform your life and awaken to your essential nature is Brielle’s passion.

Brielle is a Family Constellation Facilitator, Counsellor, Healer and Certified Personal and Professional Development Coach. She has her Masters degree in Leadership and Training. Currently, Brielle is studying in a two-year Timeless Wisdom Training with Thomas Huebl—a cutting-edge educator and spiritual leader in personal and collective healing.

My Personal Story – Becoming Brielle

Brielle is my soul name. It was retrieved from the akashic records and given to me several years ago by a visiting clairvoyant who worked with angelic energies. I kept this name hidden and only quietly used it in my prayers and in communications with my guides. I recently began to wear the name Brielle, as part of my commitment to align with, and embody the full vibrational essence of my highest nature…

Megan Abele Vancouver

Working with Brielle has allowed me to heal long-standing issues that I struggled with on a daily basis. I feel more fully in the present moment, have the resources to deal with difficult situations and emotions, and experience more connection with myself and others. I would not hesitate to recommend working with Brielle on any issue or desire to expand self-awareness.

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