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Book a Free Consultation or a 1/2 Price Discovery Session Today

The best way to start is to book a one hour discovery session. This session is half price to make it easy to get to know each other and explore what wants to unfold in your life. Or if you would rather book a free Free Consultation I am happy meet with you for 20 minutes to see if together, we are the right fit for your healing journey.

I’m happy to meet with you on the phone or via email for a short conversation exploring what you are looking for and how I might be able support.

Just send me a note and I will get back to you ASAP.

This is an actual session. We focus immediately on the issue or opportunity you are working with. This way you can experience progress and it gives us a sense of how we work together and if the timing is right.

We can meet on the phone, online or in person if you are close to Nelson BC.