Birthing the essential you is a natural unfolding. Aligning with this changes your life in amazing ways.

My Approach

Healing what blocks your natural unfoldment is a process of recognizing and attending to the trauma that has been a significant part of yours and everyone’s development.

I join in this exploration utilizing my own intuitive capacities and sensitivity developed over decades of training and practice. Drawing on my varied training and self practice I adapt my approach to suit your needs. Conscious Embodied Communication is the basis of everything I do.

Clients are now expending far less energy in unfolding their lives in amazing directions, than in all their prior courageous attempts to make change.


Conscious Embodied Communication

Conscious Embodied Communication (CEC) is our ability to listen deeply to ourselves while being fully present with another. This moment by moment spiritual practice allows you to align with what motivates you on the deepest level of your existence. Together we can access the subtleties influencing everything unfolding in your life. This practice also encourages embodying and aligning with the deep wisdom of your essential nature.

I believe strongly in this practice; I live by it, and apply it moment by moment in my own life. CEC is the method I use to support my clients. Through this process we become vessels for insights and intelligence that takes us all by surprise.

Thomas Huebl with whom I am still training, has expanded CEC to entirely new levels of potential with his Transparent Communication practices.

Family And Systemic Constellation Therapy

Emerging breakthroughs in science and psychotherapy, as well as ancient spiritual teachings all point towards the tremendous influence our family history, ancestral lineage and other systemic pressures have on our lives. We now know that on the level of the soul people are multigenerational beings.

Constellations can be deeply moving and often result in significant healing and surprising resolutions not only for ourselves but with measurable results that ripple out into our family. This profound work was developed by Bert Hellinger and has been deepened and expanded upon by thousands of practitioners worldwide.

Personal & Professional Development Coaching

In our fast paced, rapidly changing world a new paradigm of collaboration and teamwork is emerging., one that is exponentially more effective in creating the significant and rapid change most of us are seeking.

My personal coaching approach includes a combination of therapeutic counseling, NLP, Emotional Intelligence and Solution Focused Coaching tools.

Coaching is a widely accepted tool used for facilitating personal growth and professional development in the corporate environment.

If you feel ready I invite you to book a Discovery Session.
I know first-hand the challenges and vulnerability we encounter on our journey of personal growth. I believe strongly our work together can make a difference.

Individual Support

I feel blessed to be working with an international clientele both online and in person at my office in Nelson BC, Canada.

I have designed a few options in setting up the right plan for you.

Workshops & Training

Something very powerful occurs when people come together with a common intention. Our processes are magically interwoven and each person’s contribution benefits the entire group.

About Brielle

Brielle utilizes her deep sensitivity and professional capacity developed over decades of training and practice to guide you on this courageous, inward voyage.

Shayla Wright Mentor, Writer, Soul Coach

Brielle offers a unique and very potent way to break through personal and inter-generational patterns of suffering and dysfunction. Her work is compassionate, creative, intuitive, and it responds to each individual, exactly where they are. Brielle is standing in a place where she knows what is possible for us right now, both individually and collectively. I recommend her highly.

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