Workshops,Training and Retreats

I offer a variety of workshop and training sessions throughout the year both online and in person. To see what is currently available visit the link below.


Living the Essential You Awakening, Consciousness & Your Purpose

The majority of my courses focus on supporting people awakening to their inherent potential. Individuals who consider themselves empathic, sensitive or highly committed to a spiritual path will suit what I offer best.

In workshops we explore the issues and opportunities arising in each person’s life. Through this process we clear a tremendous amount of karma and trauma. Consequently, we open doors to entirely new levels of intelligence and guidance that can move you forward in your life.

Corporate and Team Evolution

Many businesses and people that work in team environments are being called to entirely new levels of purpose and service.

Understanding the subtle movements that are influencing the movement, or lack of movement, is essential in birthing the highest possibility for everyone involved.

The Healing Bridge at Death Support for the Living and the Dead

Generations of healing can happen for everyone at death, including the person who is dying or already dead. This change can shift the future for our children and heal the past for those who have already gone on. By embracing this movement, we are returning to ancient wisdom regarding death, life after death and how karma travels.

Consultations and facilitation of family processes are charged on a per hour basis.

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